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We will discuss and link to recent research on whiteness.  Utilizing research will allow us to more critically engage in the aspects of whiteness.  

Podcast  (CLICK HERE)

The Whiteness In America Podcast serves as another avenue to build a greater understanding on the topic of whiteness.  Each episode will feature a discussion of key stories and current events on the topic of whiteness.  In addition, most episodes will feature a Critical Interview.  Critical Interviews will be with guests that are either intimately involved with examining the topic of whiteness (researchers, scholars, activists, community leaders, etc), or individuals that are sharing a portrait or counternarrative of their lived experience on the topic of whiteness. 


The Blog is an environment in which I along with guests will share stories, reflections, experiences, and portraits of our lived experiences around the topic of whiteness.  Critically reflecting and unpacking these lived experiences and building a deeper understanding of whiteness will create opportunities to disrupt and dismantle whiteness.